The 1st International Symposium
on Digital Twins in Healthcare

May 16-17 2024, Cyprus

The 1st International Symposium
on Digital Twins in Healthcare

May 16-17 2024, Cyprus
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Plenary Speakers

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Problem-driven Workshops

Panel Discussion and Position Paper

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Digital Twins

With the aim to materialize a transformational vision, with extraordinary technological depth, an exquisite collaborative partnership model, and a true commitment to benefit all sectors of society, the DIGIPREDICT FET Proactive Consortium, with contributions from OPTOMICS and NEUROTWIN FET Proactive and EDITH CSA announces the First International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare.

Digital Twins are making possible a revolution in human model development by leveraging data from multi-omics analyses, medical and imaging data, environmental and life style big data that are continuously updated by a multitude of biosensors at an unprecedented scale. With these complex data sets, first of their kind(s) Human Digital Twins can be personalized and used to prevent and cure each one’s own disease(s). The Symposium is calling for contributions across the following scientific, translational and policy-making pillars:

  • Emerging technologies for Digital Twins
  • Designing and building data and models repositories
  • Development, testing and implementation of IT platform architectures combining computational advances, cybersecurity, cloud services and edge infrastructure
  • Clinical Translation – Industrial Uptake, including standardization and interoperability
  • Ethical considerations and Societal Adoption
  • Transformational Vision – Policy Creation and Implementation towards Proactive Healthcare

World-class research and innovation will be presented at topic-oriented sessions and problem-driven workshops. High quality abstracts from enthusiastic students and young scientists will be presented in a specially designed, interactive poster session. As the Symposium’s central activity, a specially designated forum with high level European Commission and European Parliament representation will provide the floor for productive dialogue and policy making.

The Symposium envisions contributions to Digital Twins Roadmaps towards exploitation of most technologies to realize, validate and use such personalized Human Digital Twins in advanced clinical setups.

Chairs: Andreani D. Odysseos (EPOS-Iasis, Cyprus) and Adrian Ionescu (EPFL, Switzerland)

Welcome accompanying persons!

Lunch and Gala Dinner tickets can be purchased by the Grecian Bay Hotel reception.